Consider this when visiting Douro wine region

The region of Alto Douro Vinhateiro is internationally famous for its preferred fruit, the grape, and the resulting product, the Port and table wines of the Douro. But it is more and more people, national and foreign, who do not stop to taste the nectar of Bacchus, but want to explore this region, with an amazing landscape, a generous hospitality, and a fantastic gastronomy.

Enotourism is the decoy, but the Douro region has much more to offer. We also decided to explore this region of Portugal, discover the activities within everyone’s reach, meet the restaurants where you can taste the traditional Portuguese food and taste the famous wines, the hotels where you can sleep and relax overlooking the river, the viewpoints where you can admire the breathtaking landscape, and the Quintas where you can learn the stories of wine and its production. Here are our tips, what we have done, and what we recommend for a 3 day tour in the region of Pinhão.

General Tips when visiting this region – Douro Vinhateiro

  1. Choose a beautiful weekend to enjoy the Douro Vinhateiro, a beautiful example of Portuguese cultural heritage. But do not let yourself be stopped by time. The Douro is beautiful at any time of the year.
  2. Don’t miss a boat tour in the Douro. There are tours of one hour, two, several hours, full day or even several days.
  3. Draw your itinerary to explore the Douro Vinhateiro (at the end of the post we leave you a suggestion for the route but suit your preferences).
  4. Privilege the wine and gastronomic experience of this itinerary. You will not regret it. Try wine tourism.
  5. Pinhão or the surrounding villages, where there are several farms, are the ideal places to stay because there is a great offer of hotels and restaurants to satisfy your comfort at the end of the day.
  6. Try the Douro Line, the train that connects Porto to Pocinho, passing through Pinhão and Tua.
  7. Make your way through the Douro Vinhateiro with time to enjoy the places, wines and food of northern Portugal.
  8. To make the route of the Douro Vinhateiro that goes to the viewpoints and panoramic roads needs private transportation. There is no public transportation.
  9. There are several perspectives to contemplate the Douro River. Do not miss any of them. Explore the Douro Vinhateiro by foot, by car, by train and by boat.
  10. The Douro Vinhateiro is a beautiful route and can be done in the Upper Douro (region of Foz Côa), Cima Corgo (region of Pinhão) and Lower Corgo