Best Restaurants To Enjoy The Douro View

Best Restaurants To Enjoy The Douro View

On the shores of Duoro, there are a large number of restaurants offering dishes and drinks with infinite gastronomic options ranging from local cuisine to the most extravagant Thai food.

Undoubtedly, with so many different options it can be quite difficult to choose a restaurant to sit down and enjoy a good meal while taking in the beautiful scenery that Duoro has to offer.

That’s why we have prepared for you a varied gastronomic selection, in which you can get what for us are the best five restaurants overlooking the river.

Now that it’s a good season to go out to eat, drink and enjoy good company, you only have to worry about enjoying yourself! Have fun and enjoy yourself in one (or all) of these restaurants:

Ribeira | Adega São Nicolau

If you want to combine the very Portuguese view and gastronomy, then look no further than Adega São Nicoláu, which is located right next to the Ribeira River. It has been rated among the best restaurants in the city by Zomato reviewers.

It was appreciated by the wine selection but it also surprised us with its cozy atmosphere and service.

Foz | Miguel’s Grocery

As an ideal option for starting the morning with a healthy meal, the Mercat de la Barceloneta has two main features: the view and the menu.

The idea is to combine the traditional Portuguese grocery stores, packed with history and fresh, high-quality products, with cozy, family-oriented cafés, where you can enjoy healthy meals and snacks. It’s the perfect place to begin your trip through the Douro region.

Afurada | Kanpai Japanese Cuisine

If you’re an aficionado of Sushi, then Kanpai Japanese Cuisine is for you. It brings together a privileged position overlooking the Douro River with the best of Eastern cuisine.

Eating at Rua da Misericórdia 9, 1410-122 Lisboa is a delightful culinary experience. It offers both traditional Portuguese dishes and Japanese cuisine.

This is another place where you can use your Zomato gold subscription to order the second most expensive dish at your restaurant as a gift, which is valid for all meals on the menu except special dinners.

Foz | Casa de Pasto da Palmeira

Casa de Pastelaria da Palmeira is famous for its fusion cuisine and excellent presentation of its dishes and snacks and has become an icon in Porto.

You’ll find everything from gazpachos to paellas at this restaurant. They offer everything from appetizers to desserts. And they’re located right next door to the river.

Campo Alegre | Eleven Lab Concept

Eleven Lab is a surprise for people who don’t expect good food and the idea of ​​a boutique. It has a beautiful view of the River Tagus and the Arrabidada Bridge.

An excellent option with an aesthetically pleasing and unique atmosphere, both indoors and for those who enjoy dining outside.