A picturesque view of the Douro River winding through the scenic wine region.

Discovering the Grape Varieties of the Douro Valley: A Fascinating Journey Through History and Wine

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Portugal, the Douro Valley beckons wine enthusiasts with its rich winemaking traditions and breathtaking beauty. Renowned for its world-class wines, particularly Port wine, this enchanting region boasts a remarkable array of grape varieties, each with its own unique story and contribution to the Douro Valley’s winemaking heritage. Join us […]


Local Voices

In this region with its Mediterranean climate, surrounded by mountains and highlands, one of the most famous wines was born. The land was harsh and rocky, and full of shale. Nothing, it seemed, could be grown. The land was unproductive and the soil was full of stones. Sites were inaccessible due to mountains, narrow valleys […]